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Harris County Precinct Four Constable Services, (Constable Mark Herman)
Lakewood Forest Fund has a contract with Harris County Precinct Four's Contract Deputy Program. Five officers are assigned to working approximately 70% of their time in Lakewood Forest and 30% for Harris County. These officers are assigned to the Lakewood Substation located in the subdivision in the same building housing the Fund Office, located at 12415 Louetta Road, Cypress, TX 77429. The officers are primarily patrolling the subdivision therefore if you need their assistance, you must contact them by calling the Constable Dispatch at 281-376-3472. For non-emergency assistance, contact Constable Dispatch at 281-376-3472. For an emergency, contact 911.

The services listed below can be obtained by requesting through Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Office’s online services. Go to Harris County Precinct Four Constable's Office and click "Community Involvement" then scroll down and click on "Services Offered" to fill out the online form.  

-Accident Reports                                                                                                               -Business Security Check Request
-Citizen Property Inventory System – Report It                                               -Extra Patrol Request
-Fingerprinting Services                                                                                                  -Open Records Request
-Report Alcohol and Tobacco Sales to Minors                                                    -Report a Crime Online
-Report Illegal Drug Activity Anonymously                                                         -Report a Traffic Complaint
-Report Suspicious Gambling, Massage Parlors, and Sexually Oriented Businesses
-Trespass Affidavit                                                                                                                      
-Vacation Watch Request

Precinct 4 Headquarters - 6831 Cypresswood Drive, Spring, 77379
The following operations and services are available at this location:
Administration Office:  832-927-6205
Central and South Central Patrol Operations:  832-927-6200
Records Division:  832-927-6230
Human Resources:  832-927-6211
Internal Affairs:  832-927-6228 / 832-927-6229
Property Division:  832-927-6239
Technical Services:  832-927-6212​

Central Services Substation - 330 Meadowfern, Houston, 77067
The following operations and services are available at this location:
Civil Division:  832-927-6108 (Fee Schedule)
Clean Air Task Force:  832-927-6150
Computer Crimes Division:  832-927-6158
Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance:  832-927-6157
Regulatory Enforcement Division:  832-927-6161
Special Crimes and Investigations Unit:  832-927-6158
Training Division:  832-927-6190 (Training Schedule)
Warrant Division:  832-927-6114
Writs Division:  832-927-6139 (Fee Schedule)

Constable Crime Stats for Lakewood Forest

Trash and Recycling Services 
The recycling and trash service for Lakewood Forest is provided by Texas Pride Disposal. If for some reason your recycling or trash service is missed, please call them at 281-342-8178 (Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday, 8am-4pm) and tell them you are a Lakewood Forest resident and your pick-up was missed.

Trash containers, bags, and recycle bins must be kept from public view except on or after 6pm the day prior to scheduled pickup. Once pickup has been completed, containers and bins must be stored out of public view by 8pm same day as pickup.

Your HOA fees cover the cost of trash and recycling and the bill is paid directly by the Fund Office. If you are a new resident, there is no sign up required, merely place your recycling and trash out on scheduled days.

Service Days and Hours
Trash: Wednesday & Saturday
Recycling: Wednesday

Holiday Schedule
Texas Pride Disposal observes four holidays: New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. In the event that your service day falls on a holiday, collection will roll to the next regularly scheduled collection day.

Household Trash
Waste should be placed in personal trash cans between 20 and 96 gallons and under 50 pounds, or sturdy bags not exceeding 50 pounds. Waste should be placed curbside.

Yard Waste
Yard waste should be bagged, not exceeding 50 pounds, and placed curbside. Branches should be placed curbside in bundles measuring no more than 4' x 4' x 4' and under 50 pounds. Limit 8 bundles and/or bags per service day.

Heavy Trash & Bulk Waste
Texas Pride Disposal will collect two heavy trash/bulk items per service day. Items include furniture, appliances, carpeting (tied and bundled), fencing (nails removed, tied and bundled under 4' in length), and other items not disposed of regularly. Items should be curbside.

**Items Excluded from Regular Collection**
The following items CANNOT be collected: dirt, rocks, brick, concrete, liquid paints, fuels, oils, tires, pesticides, fertilizer, and batteries. Please contact us to discuss solutions for proper disposal of these items.

Recycling Collection Guidelines
Place all recyclables in the container provided by Texas Pride Disposal, old recycle bins, or containers clearly labeled "RECYCLE." DO NOT BAG RECYCLABLES. Place recyclables loose in your recycle container. DO NOT place plastic bags in the recycle containers (these can be recycled at several area stores). PLEASE RINSE cans, jars, jugs, and bottles before placing in your recycle container. Additional containers can be purchased by contacting Texas Pride Disposal. If any contaminated/non-recyclable items are in the truck, the whole load may be dumped.

Accepted Recyclable Material
Paper Products (dry): newspaper, junk mail, magazines, envelopes, catalogs, wrapping paper, file folders, computer paper, grocery bags, egg cartons, shoe boxes, phone books, soda/beer boxes, cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, waxboard boxes
Plastic Products (rinsed): Plastics #1-#7, milk/juice bottles, soda/water bottles, shampoo/soap bottles, bleach/detergent containers, household cleaner containers, plastic flower pots, microwave dinner trays
Metal Products (rinsed): soda/juice/beer cans, canned food cans, pet food cans, aluminum foil, pie trays, metal jar lids, pots & pans, aerosol cans
Glass Products (rinsed): soda bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, jars

**Commonly Mistaken Unacceptable Items...Place these in TRASH**
plastic bags, coat hangers, Styrofoam, lights bulbs, ceramics, paper towels, mirrors, soiled paper, soiled pizza boxes, soiled facial tissue

Mosquito Spraying
From April through October, Cypress Creek Pest Control provides mosquito fogging services for Lakewood Forest which occurs on a weekly basis. Owners can be proactive in addressing the mosquito situation by eliminating standing water around their home – just a few examples are: clearing roof gutters of debris, repairing leaky outdoor faucets, changing water in bird baths often, maintaining pools.

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