​Lakewood Forest Fund Inc.


Constable Services

Lakewood Forest Fund has a contract with Harris County Precinct 4's Contract Deputy Program.  Five officers are assigned to working approximately 70% of their time in Lakewood Forest and 30% for Harris County. These officers are assigned to the Lakewood Substation located in the subdivision in the same building housing the Fund Office, located at 12415 Louetta Road, Cypress, TX 77429. The officers are primarily patrolling the subdivision therefore if you need their assistance, you must contact them by calling the Constable Dispatch at 281-376-3472. For non-emergency assistance, contact Constable Dispatch at 281-376-3472. For an emergency, contact 911.

 The services listed below can be obtained by requesting through Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Office’s online services. Go to Harris County Precinct 4's website www.constablepct4.com and click "Community Involvement" then scroll down and click on "Services Offered" to fill out the online form.  

-Accident Reports                                                                                                               -Business Security Check Request
-Citizen Property Inventory System – Report It                                                             -Extra Patrol Request
-Fingerprinting Services                                                                                                    -Open Records Request
-Report Alcohol and Tobacco Sales to Minors                                                              -Report a Crime Online
-Report Illegal Drug Activity Anonymously                                                                    -Report a Traffic Complaint
-Report Suspicious Gambling, Massage Parlors, and Sexually Oriented Businesses
-Trespass Affidavit                                                                                                                     

-Vacation Watch Request

Precinct 4 Headquarters - 6831 Cypresswood Dr., Spring, TX 77379
The following operations and services are available at this location:
-Administration Office:  832-927-6205
-Central and South Central Patrol Operations:  832-927-6200
-Records Division:  832-927-6230
-Human Resources:  832-927-6211
-Internal Affairs:  832-927-6228 / 832-927-6229
-Property Division:  832-927-6239
-Technical Services:  832-927-6212​

Central Services Substation - 330 Meadowfern, Houston, TX 77067
The following operations and services are available at this location:
-Civil Division:  832-927-6108 (Fee Schedule)
-Clean Air Task Force:  832-927-6150
-Computer Crimes Division:  832-927-6158
-Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance:  832-927-6157
-Regulatory Enforcement Division:  832-927-6161
-Special Crimes and Investigations Unit:  832-927-6158
-Training Division:  832-927-6190 (Training Schedule)
-Warrant Division:  832-927-6114
-Writs Division:  832-927-6139 (Fee Schedule)

Recycling and Trash  Services 
The recycling and trash service for Lakewood Forest is provided by:  RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING AND REFUSE OF TEXAS. If for some reason your recycling or trash service is missed, please call them at 866-516-9805 (Monday thru Friday) and tell them you are a Lakewood Forest resident and your pick-up was missed.

If you need a recycle bin, please contact the Fund Office at 281-370-8943 or via email to gm@lakewoodforestfund.com to request a container. Only (1) container is given per household however the Fund can provide recycling logo stickers to place on additional cans purchased at owner expense. Residents must provide their own trash cans.

Trash containers, bags, and recycle bins must be kept from public view except on or after 6:00 PM the day prior to scheduled pickup. Once pickup has been completed, containers and bins must be stored out of public view by 8:00 PM same day as pickup.

Your HOA fees cover the cost of trash and recycling and the bill is paid directly by the Fund Office. If you are a new resident, there is no sign up required, merely place your recycling and trash out on scheduled days.

Observed holidays are:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If the holiday falls on a scheduled pick up day, then pick up will not be held until the next scheduled pick up day.

Recycling Pickup Specification Sheet
- Regular weekly recycling pickup day is Wednesday
- Service is curbside

- Residents must place items out by 7:00 a.m.
- Leave lids off all plastic and glass– lids can go into recycling container

- All containers should be rinsed and free of residue

- Medium and large cardboard boxes should be broken down
- Styrofoam products (packing peanuts, cups, plates, egg cartons, etc.) are not accepted

- Items do not need to be separated - everything can go into the same bin
- Excess items can be put in a regular trash can that has been marked as “recycling”; recycling emblem stickers are available upon request to be used on “recycle” trash cans into “recycling containers” – just email the Fund Office at gm@lakewoodforestfund.com requesting a sticker
- On windy days, items should be placed in a white or clear trash bag and set it in the recycling bin (this prevents items from blowing out and across yards)

Items accepted for recycling pickup
Paper – magazines, newspapers, copy paper, computer paper, phone books, junk mail, etc.
Plastic #1 - #7 with exception of #6 Styrofoam – juice, water, milk, soda, detergent, cleaners, Rx bottles (if in doubt please check bottom of container for recycling emblem and number in center – if no emblem it is not recyclable)
Aluminum – any type soda, beer, drink can, etc.
Tin Cans – any food can, pet food can, etc. (no aerosol containers please)
Cardboard – boxes, cereal, food, detergent, pet food, etc.
Glass – any color glass (amber, green, brown, clear, etc.) must be pure glass cannot be ceramic, mirror, pottery, stoneware or china type items
Thin Plastics – bags from grocery, sleeve on newspaper, wrapping on dry cleaning

Click here for print out of accepted items

Items Not accepted for recycling pickup
Computer parts
Medical Waste
Hazardous Materials (Oil, Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze, etc.)
Wire hangers
Paint cans
Used paper towels, paper plates or napkins
Used baby diapers

Click here for print out of unaccepted items

Yearly Recycling Volume

2019 Year-to-Date Recycling Volume (April)


Trash Pickup Specification Sheet
-Trash collection days are Wednesday and Saturday
-Heavy trash collection day is every Saturday
-Service is curbside
-Residents will provide their own trash containers and containers must be placed out by 7:00 AM

-All trash containers must have lids and trash must be bagged so as to avoid blowing into streets, storm drains and neighboring yards
-Up to six (6) cans of properly contained household waste each weighing less than 40 pounds will be accepted for weekly pickup; and

-Up to six (6) bags of yard waste (per pickup) will be collected at the curb and must be placed in sturdy plastic bags weighing no more than 40 pounds.
-All branches and tree trimmings should be no more than 3 inches in diameter and no longer than four (4) feet in length.  Bundles must be securely tied and weigh less than 40 pounds
-Bulk items/heavy trash will be picked up once a week on Saturday however there is a limit of one bulk item per household per week. Residents should contact RRR prior to putting out heavy trash between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday. Callers will be advised as to whether there will be an additional charge for bulky items such as stoves, refrigerators (which have been properly certified freon-fee for disposal), water heaters, washing machines, furniture, construction debris, dead animals or hazardous waste 

-Contractor debris and waste from building projects (rocks, lumber, carpet, bricks, roofing material, etc.) is excluded and will not be picked up. Contractors are responsible for hauling construction debris from premises
-Excluded items:  It is illegal to transport any hazardous waste in a trash truck and dispose of it in a landfill. Hazardous waste includes: medical waste, any appliance containing Freon, acids, car batteries, dead animals, and chemicals of any kind, car parts, car tires, and construction trash (includes concrete, large quantities of carpeting, fencing, rolls of carpet or any construction type material or debris). Toxic or radioactive waste, paint, petroleum products or filters are not accepted. Other excluded items include: large pieces of glass (must be broken down in smaller pieces and placed in a closed box), large sofas and sleepers, furniture with metal frames and other metal item.
-Any CFC (Freon) item must be properly tagged and certified by Customer that all Freon has been properly removed in accordance with the Federal Clean Air Act regulations. If items are not tagged, they will be left at curb.
-Bulk items which are too large for Contractor to put in with the normal weekly pickup may be collected separately upon request. Party requesting service will be billed separately at a negotiated price depending on size, quantity and handling required to remove and dispose of item(s)

-Owners and contractors are responsible for paint disposal as trash hauler will not accept.  (Click here for information on disposing of paint or hazardous waste)

Mosquito Spraying
From April through October, Cypress Creek Pest Control provides mosquito fogging services for Lakewood Forest which occurs on a weekly basis. Owners can be proactive in addressing the mosquito situation by eliminating standing water around their home – just a few examples are:  clearing roof gutters of debris, repairing leaky outdoor faucets, changing water in bird baths often, maintaining pools.

Electronic Waste Pickup and Document Shredding provided in Spring and Fall  (See calendar of events on home page for dates)
Residential Recycling and Refuse of Texas provides electronic waste pickup and document shredding for Lakewood Forest two times per year at no cost to the association.  Watch while your documents are shredded on-site!! The event is normally held at Moore Elementary, 13734 Lakewood Forest Drive, Houston, TX 77070, and is advertised through Nextdoor.com, Lakewood Forest Civic News, the fund's electronic newsletter, and on community marquee board and LED sign.

Items Accepted:
Personal computers
TV’s ($25.00 disposal Fee)
Keyboards, mouse, and speakers
Switches & routers
Cords & cables
Game consoles
Small kitchen appliances
Computer monitors (including: CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma)
Hard drives
Car batteries
Rechargeable batteries
AAA – AA – D – C Type batteries
Memory chips
Hubs and routers
Tape drives
Printers, copiers, and plotters
Fax machines
Rechargeable batteries
Cell phones
Toner cartridges

Paper Documents For Shredding – Please remove all binders, binder clips, and metal objects prior to bringing the items to the event
If item not on list – call us – we’ll find out for you and let you know prior to scheduled date

Items Not Accepted:
CFL light bulbs
Major appliances
Aerosol Containers
Medical Waste
Hazardous Waste (other than batteries)