​Lakewood Forest Fund Inc.

Resale / Realtor Information

Billing Information
Cycle:  Annual Billing on January 1st of each year
Dues are as follows:
- Lakewood Forest Fund Annual Maintenance Assessment for 2018 is $590.00
- Lakewood Civic Association Annual Membership Dues for 2018 is $10.00

Late Fee Information
Assessments are due on January 1st of each year and considered delinquent February 1st.  An initial late fee of $51.40 is charged in February; thereafter, flat fee of $5.00 charged each consecutive month on past due assessment balances.

Processing Fees
Note:  Processing Fees are increasing effective April 1, 2018

- Transfer Fee:  $150.00     (effective 04-01-18:  $ 250.00)
- Refinance Fee:  $60.00     (effective 04-01-18:  $100.00)
- Resale Certificate/Optional:  $150.00     (effective 04-01-18:  $ 300.00)
- 60 day letter / Optional:  $100.00     (effective 04-01-18:  $ 150.00)

Association Documents  

Available on this website under tab labeled "Document Library".  Please note that the HOA does not provide copies of documents as they can be downloaded directly from this site.  Nor does the association email these documents due to size.

Resale Certificates 

Resale Certificates are not required when purchasing a home in Lakewood Forest as this is a single family home community.  Individuals requesting a resale certificate may do so by emailing gm@lakewoodforestfund.com and submitting payment of $ 150.00 for packet.  Upon receipt of payment, resale certificates will be provided to requestor electronically.

Important information for Buyers
Buyers should be informed that Lakewood Forest is a deed restricted community.  It is imperative that they view the Covenants, Conditions and Restriction, along with the various association policies before purchasing in the subdivision.  All exterior improvements require ACC approval; see architectural control for additional information.