1.  HOA initiates bid process for Right-of-Way, property boundaries and easements survey of Grant Road wall:

(a)  Hovis Surveying – $5,270.00 (awarded)

(b)  Pape-Dawson - $12,350.00

(c)  Tri-Tech Surveying - $7,050.00

2.  Request for proposal developed by HOA with following specifications:
Material to be reinforced precast concrete. Length of wall to be replaced is estimated at 2,636 Linear Feet (contractor to verify). Wall height to be 8 feet. Wall footings to be a minimum of 6 feet below ground level. 
Other requirements:

  • Contractor must provide proof of insurance
  • Contractor to be responsible for insurance coverage and warranty issues regarding any portion of the work which is subcontracted
  • Contractor must agree to provide performance bond if awarded contract

3.  HOA requests proposals from the following contractors:
(a) Aber Fence and Supply Co. – proposal received with base price @ $426K
(b) Fencecrete America, Inc. – proposal received with base price options ranging from $323-350K   
(c) Hardscape Inc. – proposal received with base price @ $342K
(d) Texas Wall & Landscape – did not submit bid
(e) Tricon Precast LTD – did not submit bid

4.  HOA contracts with 3rd party independent engineer for purposes of reviewing bids to determine if parameters are acceptable and if one bid is more advantageous than the other:

  • Bid to Barry Engineering, CPH Structural Engineering, French Engineering, N. Manesh, C. Vanteni; all declined
  • HOA utilized the services of Mark McIheran, P.E. who was recommended by an engineering firm included in the initial bid process, CPH Structural Engineering.

5.  HOA receives and reviews completed Right-of-way, property boundaries and easement survey from Hovis Surveying

APRIL 2019
6.  HOA undergoes bid process for geotechnical investigation (soil) testing:
(a)  Murillo Company – fixed rate proposal at cost of $2,450.00
(b)  Raba Kistner – cost based on schedule of fees
(c)  Tolunay Engineering Group “TEG” – fixed rate proposal at cost of $3,800.00 (selected)

7.  Contractor selection:

  • Board selects Hardscape Inc. to erect a CMU (concrete masonry unit) wall
  • Board approves performance bond at a cost of $ 14,000.00
  • Summary provided to Lakewood Forest residents through eNews upon contractor selection.

Hardscape, Inc. which was founded in 1996 is the firm/contractor selected to perform this project. The majority of their work is in residential development with their specialties to include fencing, entry monuments, neighborhood signage, and amenity areas. The baseline cost of the project was approved at $341,475.20 which includes a performance bond. Payment terms are 50% at 50% completion and final balance due at completion with a 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship excluding damages from people or equipment. Additional costs to be paid by the association are administrative/permitting, surveyor expenses, and landscape removal. This project will be funded from the association reserve fund meaning that it will have no affect on the 2020 assessment rate or existing operational budget.

MAY 2019
8.  HOA receives geotechnical study/report (Project No. 19-R022) from TEG

9.  Board requests legal counsel, S. Rice, Law Offices of M. Susan Rice to review Hardscape Inc. contract

JUNE 2019
10.  Contract signed by both parties:
          (a) Base price $ 341,475.20
          (b) No down payment required; 50% upon completion of 50% of work; final balance due upon completion of project
          (c)  Five year warranty on materials and workmanship; excludes any damage by people or equipment  
Cost adjustments will include changes to design plan, hydro-excavation, landscape removal determined after demo of existing wall & laying of survey pins, permitting costs, administration and scheduling of surveyor.

JULY 2019
11.  Stamped engineered drawings received from Hardscape, Inc.:

  • Engineered drawings for 8 FT CMU Thinwall received; BGA Engineers, Inc., Project #19072- stamped by Mike Hulbert, PE#76981

12.  HOA obtains and reviews copy of insurance for Hardscape, Inc.:

  • Insurers are: (a) Lloyd’s of London, (b) Evanston, (c) Unitrin-Kemper

13.  Contractor orders materials:

  • Delivery expected 4-8 weeks

14.  HOA sends out notification to affected owners:
Important Information for Homeowners whose property is adjacent to the Grant Road perimeter wall:

  • The Fund Office needs your email as operational updates will be given through a mass distribution; please email admin2@lakewoodforestfund.com indicating you are providing contact information for Grant Road Wall Replacement Project
  • Residents affected by the replacement need to start making plans to remove any items on the wall and/or a few feet away from the wall
  • Even though temporary fencing will be provided; arrangements will need to be considered for securing pets at various times during the project
  • The association may have to remove existing landscaping located in the utility easement throughout this project; this will be determined once the current wall is removed and survey pins are lain

15.  HOA validates Bond Coverage:

  • Writing Company: Western Surety Company

         Bond #: 72182577
         Principal Name(s): Hardscape, Inc.
         Bond Type: Performance & Payment

16.  Board conducts Q&A session with Hardscape, Inc.:
On August 29th, board members met with B. Sharrett, owner of Hardscape, Inc. who conducted a Q&A session with board members in regards to project and expectations.

17.  Permission from HCPCT3 for road closure:
August 30th, Hardscape, Inc. receives approval from HCPCT3 for partial road closure

18.  Contractor receives materials

19.  Commencement of project – phase 1:

  • Demolition
  • Installation of temporary chain link fence to secure backyards of affected owners
  • Laying of survey markers & identification of utilities (conducted on 4 separate occasions due to inaccurate markings)


20.  Continuation of project – phase 1:

  • Auger drilling, laying of piers; continued issues with inaccurate utility markings; during drilling, sewer main is damaged; HOA notifies EDP/Lake Forest Utility District
  • Onsite visit with radar penetration contractor. Unable to utilize as (a) only able to penetrate 5 feet below surface & (b) unable to detect small cables such as fiber optics
  • Moving forward, hydro excavation utilized instead of auger drilling
  • Project on hold temporary hold while sewer line is scoped & scheduled for repair

21.  Contractor and HOA meet onsite with AEI Engineering (firm representing Lake Forest Utility District); informed that District is requiring 3’ separation from the outside of sanitary sewer line to HOA wall:

  • Due to mandatory 3’ separation & existing utilities, intended wall placement compromised

22.  HOA initiates bid process to select engineering firm to provide consultation services for new wall placement; AEI Engineering, Landtech, RODS; all declined

23. Contractor submits new design for engineering review, stamp/seal which utilizes a spread footer instead of piers; this would reduce drilling depth; currently under review

24.  HOA in discussions with Walter P. Moore & Associates (structural engineering group) in regards to conducting subsurface survey to identify underground utilities, obtaining horizontal and vertical clearances, providing a sound engineering judgment and mandating particular construction practices to assist the HOA in obtaining variances as needed for wall placement

25.  HOA in contact with Lake Forest Utility District Board for update and future scheduling of meeting

26.  HOA installs privacy material on existing temporary chain link fence to conceal backyards of affected owners    

MARCH 2020
27.  HOA and Lake Forest Utility District in discussions regarding variance for clearances needed to continue with project; "Consent to Encroachment" drafted for review and execution by both parties

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Grant Road Wall Replacement Project - Summary Timeline
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