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Dick Taylor Pond - Erosion Pt. 8 Project (conducted in February 2019)
Cost for this project was approximately $ 4,200.00 and funded from the operating account (click here to view power point presentation). Thank you to Mike Chidalek, Lakewood Resident, who offered his expertise and experience to assist the HOA in addressing erosion caused by Hurricane Harvey at the perimeter wall at the Dick Taylor Pond in the patio lake section of Lakewood Forest. Mike spent numerous hours developing and implementing a plan in which he served as a volunteer Superintendent over the landscape crew members hired to assist with this project.

Grant Road Wall Replacement Project (began mid-2019)
The Fund Trustees have been diligently planning the Grant Road Wall Replacement Project for over a year now and are excited to see the venture come to fruition. The existing 6’ precast concrete wall running from the intersection of Grant Road/N. Eldridge Pkwy to Pine Road will be fully replaced with an 8’ colored split faced CMU (concrete masonry units) wall. The new wall will be almost identical to the subdivision perimeter wall at the Parc Lake subdivision located next to Cypress Park at 12925 North Eldridge Pkwy.

The project was bid out to several contractors in which the Fund Trustees selected the wall which they determined was the best fit for our community in regards to blending in with the existing walls, durability, specifications, future maintenance, cost and warranty. Prior to making a selection, the Fund Trustees utilized an independent third party engineer to review and initiate a comparison of the contractor proposals received. In addition, a geotechnical investigation (soil testing) was performed to determine the proper size, depth and spacing of footings for the new CMU wall.

HardScape, Inc. which was founded in 1996 is the firm/contractor selected to perform this project. The majority of their work is in residential development with their specialties to include fencing, entry monuments, neighborhood signage, and amenity areas. The baseline cost of the project was approved at $341,475.20 which includes a performance bond. Payment terms are 50% at 50% completion and final balance due at completion with a 5 year warranty on materials and workmanship excluding damages from people or equipment. Additional costs to be paid by the association are administrative/permitting, surveyor expenses, and landscape removal. This project will be funded from the association reserve fund meaning that it will have no affect the 2020 assessment rate or existing operational budget.

Latest update on Grant Road Wall (as of January 17, 2020)
Delays to construction of phase 1 of the wall replacement project are resulting from obstructions created by utilities in this area, survey boundaries and right of ways.  With this being said, the HOA is looking at avenues to overcome these issues.  Currently, the contractor is redesigning the wall blueprint so as to use a spread footer which would allow for the elimination of piers.  An engineering firm will review the new sign, seal and stamp before acceptance from the HOA board.  The HOA is also working with legal counsel and professional consultants in efforts to obtain variances for wall placement.  This process will involve additional steps such as a subsurface survey.  In the meantime, privacy material will be attached to the temporary chain link fence so as conceal the backyard of affected residents. 

Correspondence to Affected Homeowners - 08/30/2019

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