​Lakewood Forest Fund Inc.

Meeting Agenda & Open Session Minutes

Fund Meetings are normally held the first Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Fund Office located at 12415 Louetta Road, Cypress, TX 77429 in which residents are invited to attend the open session of the meeting.  An HOA Board may convene in executive session and exclude members to discuss personnel matters, attorney-client privileged communications, litigation, private owner information or matters involving an owner’s request for confidentiality, contract deliberations or enforcement actions.  Decisions made in executive session will be generally stated and noted in the executive meeting minutes.

HOA meetings are advertised on the community marquee boards and an email blast is sent to

all residents who have registered their email address through this website.


02-2017 Agenda
03-2017 Agenda
04-2017 Agenda
05-2017 Agenda
06-2017 Agenda

07-2017 Agenda
08-2017 Agenda

09-2017 Agenda

10-2017 Agenda

11-2017 Agenda

02-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes

03-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes
04-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes
05-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes
06-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes

07-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes
08-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes

09-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes
10-2017 Open Session Meeting Minutes


02-2016 Agenda

03-2016 Agenda
04-2016 Agenda

05-2016 Agenda

06-2016 Agenda
07-2016 Agenda

08-2016 Agenda

09-2016 Agenda
10-2016 Agenda

11-2016 Agenda
12-2016 Agenda

02-2016 Open Session Minutes
03-2016 Open Session Minutes
04-2016 Open Session Minutes
05-2016 Open Session Minutes

06-2016 Open Session Minutes

07-2016 Open Session Minutes

08-2016 Open Session Minutes

09-2016 Open Session Minutes
10-2016 Open Session Minutes
11-2016 Open Session Minutes

12-2016 Open Session Minutes