Once again, your Lakewood Forest Civic Association is pleased to offer a scholarship program to all graduating high school seniors who are residents of Lakewood Forest. This annual scholarship is provided to honor and remember area students who were killed or injured in a December 1999 bus crash while returning from a Colorado ski trip organized by a local church.


All graduating high school seniors who live in the Lakewood Forest subdivision and who are planning to attend any 4-year university or college, any community college or junior college, or any technical or trade school are eligible to apply. Students can currently attend any public or private school or be homeschooled.

Scholarship Entry Deadline

Scholarship Award applications must be received by 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 24. Incomplete or late entries will be discarded.

Scholarship Awards

From qualifying entries received, the Lakewood Forest Civic Association’s Scholarship Committee will determine the winner(s). The number of winners and dollar amounts of the awards are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Awards are paid directly to the financial office of the student’s chosen school.

Scholarship Entries

Please carefully read and submit all of the Scholarship Award application requirements:

1.   A personal resume that includes all of the following –

         - Your name, address, phone number, and names of parents or guardians

         - Your high school, class rank, and GPA (include scale used)        

         - Academic achievements
         - Achievements earned outside the classroom

         - Volunteer and/or community service activities     

         - Part time and/or summer jobs you have had
         - Your chosen field of study and the school (technical, community college, undergraduate college/university) you plan to attend after high school

        - Future goals (life and career)

2.  A senior picture or other head shot suitable for publishing in our monthly newsletter, the Civic News. The picture should be a separate jpg file and not embedded in any of the documents. If you don’t have it in a jpg file, let us know and we’ll make other arrangements. Note: the picture will not be used in the process of selecting scholarship recipient(s). It is only used with the article announcing the scholarship award recipient(s).

3.  A brief biography (about a paragraph in length) that tells the story of you and your family. You should highlight any meaningful events, circumstances, or experiences in your life as you would openly share in a self-introduction.

 4.  A creative, personal essay of 350 to 500 words on the following topc:

“Social Media”
Social media has been a dominant means of communication in your lifetime. You have never known a time without Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other similar applications. How do you think social media helps society? How do you think it hurts society? If you could change or improve anything about these types of applications, what would it be?

Essays will be evaluated on creativity and how well you make your point; correct spelling and proper grammar, syntax, and punctuation; and overall composition (just like English class!). Have fun with it.

Judging Criteria
The Lakewood Forest Civic Association’s Scholarship Award program is essay-based, rather than GPA/class rank/academic merit-based, or need-based. The most important factor in our
scholarship selection process is the creative essay (50% weight). Secondary consideration is given to academic achievements, achievements earned outside the classroom, and volunteer/community service as noted on your resume (30% weight). Other consideration is given to your brief bio (20% weight). Scholarship entries are scored blindly with students’ identifying information marked out.

We highly encourage all Class of 2022 students who live in Lakewood Forest to submit an entry.

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2022 Scholarship Award Program

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