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​​Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Season runs from June 1 through November 30

​​Helpful Harris County Links
Includes links to CenterPoint outages, Harris County Flood Control, TranStar for monitoring traffic, mosquito control, rainfall totals,

printable emergency essentials kit list, sign up for emergency alerts. 

Reserve Your Ride to Safety in Advance...Call 2-1-1
If you live in a hurricane evacuation zone and you will need assistance to get out before the storm, dial 2-1-1 to register in advance for a ride.
If you have a disability or special health care need and require assistance to get out.
If you cannot drive and cannot arrange transportation.
If you do not have a vehicle and you have no one else to help you evacuate.
If you want to register and you need to check if you live in an evacuation zone.
Harris County Library has many links to FEMA documents and resources.

From AARP: A “Go” Bag Can Make All the Difference in an Emergency

NOAA Hurricane Center

Debris Separation Guidelines