​Lakewood Forest Fund Inc.

Association Formal Documents

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Articles of Incorporation and By-laws

Certificate of Formation
Articles of Incorporation
Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
Second Amendment to Articles of Incorporation

First Amendment to By-Laws

Second Amendment to By-laws

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions otherwise known as Deed Restrictions
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 5A, Part 1  
Section 5A, Part 2

Section 5A, Part 3
    Section 5B, Part 1    
   Section 5B, Part 2    
 Section 5-C, Part 1  
Section 5-C, Part 2
Section 6
Section 7
Section 8
Section 9
    Section 10, Part 1    
Section 10, Part 2
Section 10
Section 11
Section 12
Section 14
Section 15, Part 1
Section 15, Part 2
    Section 17, Part 1    
Section 17, Part 2
Section 17, Part 3
Section 17, Part 4
Section 18, Part 1
Section 18, Part 2
Section 18, Part 3
Section 18, Part 4
Patio Homes
Lakeview Place, Part 1
Lakeview Place, Part 2
Lakeview Place, Part 3 

Policies / Resolutions / Guidelines

Architectural Guidelines and Community Standards

Collection Policy

Flags, Solar Panels, Roof Shingles, Rain Barrels, Religious Displays, Political Signs
Exterior Painting Policy
Garbage, Rubbish, Waste
Window and wall AC Units
Vehicle Parking Policy
Records Production Policy
Records Retention Policy
Resale and Lender Documentation Requests

Storage of PODS
Exterior Improvements initiated without Architectural Control Committee Approval

Detached Structures

ACC Applications
 ACC Application
ACC Application for Exterior Painting