​Lakewood Forest Fund Inc.

2018 Annual Meeting

Monday, January 8th, 2018
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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
2018 Special Meeting Minutes

From the Fund Office:  Recap of 2018 Annual and Special Meeting

The 2018 Annual Meeting and Special Meeting held on Monday, January 9th was a huge success in part both to the number of proxies submitted and the large number of residents attending the actual meetings.  Quorum was well achieved with 15.72% (411 members) of the community represented either in person or by proxy.

Lt. Garza from HCPCT4 reviewed Constable Stats and stated Lakewood Forest is one of the safer neighborhoods in the area.  He encouraged owners to keep vehicles locked at all times as car burglaries continue to be a recurring problem in our subdivision.  Lt. Garza also encouraged owners to contact dispatch at 281-376-3472 to report any suspicious persons or activity.

Several board members participated in presenting the “2017 Year in Review” report.  Areas discussed in particular were security, community events/outreach, legal, reserve study and beautification efforts.

Scott Johnson, treasurer, reviewed the 2017 year end financials and 2018 budget.

Election results were as follows:
Trustee, Position 1:  Boe Bowen elected with 338 votes
Trustee, Position 2:  Bob Lewis elected with 339 votes
Trustee, Position 3:  Sandy Matto elected with 337 votes
First Amendment for the Restated ByLaws of Lakewood Forest Fund, Inc.:  Passed with 312 votes

Q&A was held during open forum in which members discussed various issues such as banning of fireworks, solicitation, mail theft, quorum requirements, discounts for seniors, public hearing notice posted near Moore Elementary, road construction on Grant, and efforts towards addressing flood prone areas in subdivision.

Door prizes were awarded as follows:
12006 Glenway Drive (Mann) – RING VIDEO PRO DOORBELL
11207 Lorton Drive (Pierson) – El Tiempo gift certificate
12510 Wealdstone (Pavlov) – Black Walnut Café gift certificate
11334 Bassdale (Weaver) – El Tiempo gift certificate
11923 Gardenglen Drive (Henry) – Pappas restaurant gift certificate
12618 Cloverwood Drive (Worthy) – Kitchen towel
15230 Rainhollow Drive (Hollingsworth)- STAR grill gift certificate

The Board of Trustees thank you for your continued interest in the community and look forward to serving the community in 2018.