​Lakewood Forest Fund Inc.

2018 Annual Meeting

Monday, January 8th, 2018

Annual Meeting & Special Meeting Notice and Proxy mailed with 2018 billing statement

2018 Notice of Annual Meeting of Members and 2018 Notice of Special Meeting of Members

Candidates interested in running for an open board position at 2018 Annual Meeting:

The 2018 Annual Meeting for Lakewood Forest Fund, Inc. will be held on Monday, January 8th with the official meeting notice being mailed with the 2018 Annual Billing Statement.  Three (3) Trustees positions will be expiring at this meeting and therefore an election will be held to fill these seats.  Section 209.00591 of the Texas Property Code supersedes the association governing documents therefore any owner may run for an open position regardless of which section they reside in. 

Even though the notice soliciting candidates has expired, if you decide that you want to run for a position on the Board, nominations will be taken from the floor at the meeting.  You can also provide us with a biography via email and we will post it on the website prior to the meeting.

 Model Code of Ethics for Community Association Board Members as presented by Community Association Institute is as follows:
Board Members should:
- Strive at all times to serve the best interests of the association as a whole regardless of their personal interests.
- Use sound judgment to make the best possible business decisions for the association, taking into consideration all available information, circumstances and resources.
- Act within the boundaries of their authority as defined by law and the governing documents of the association.
- Provide opportunities for residents to comment on decisions facing the association.
- Perform their duties without bias for or against any individual or group of owners or non-owner residents.
- Disclose personal or professional relationships with any company or individual who has or is seeking to have a business relationship with the association.
- Conduct open, fair and well-publicized elections.
- Always speak with one voice, supporting all duly-adopted board decisions even if the board member was in the minority regarding actions that may not have obtained unanimous consent.

Biographies of Candidates running for open board positions at 2018 Annual Meeting

Boe Bowen   (Incumbent)

Bob Lewis   (Incumbent)

Sandy Matto   (Incumbent)